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MISSION STATEMENT: "To Identify and invest in disruptive technology with superior management."

Renewable energy companies with which we have reached agreement to date include GROUPE-ALIZEO. "Alizeo" has several patents, which result in a synchronous direct drive wind turbine for longer turbine life (25+ yrs.) and a tilting base for ease of & less erection expense in third world countries as well as maintenance & project protection/preservation in cyclonic regions.

R.W. Peter Varty, Managing Member, formed Global Equity Partners LTD (GEP) in the aftermath of the 2008 worldwide financial meltdown in order to exploit two market sectors, Real Property Opportunities and Renewable Energy Projects. Peter, who brought entrepreneurial, brokerage and real estate development experience to "GEP", spent months exhausting traditional avenues of project financing before electing to do a private placement offering in 2011. By way of the offering, “GEP” was formed with three members, Peter Varty, David Gunn and Dick Varty, PE. Peter divides his time between oversight of “GEP” and active involvement in Global Projects. GEP has Identified GROUPE ALIZEO, as a business poised for rapid growth based on its patented disruptive technology and seasoned management cadre. GEP plans to establish ALIZEO in the USA utilizing the experience of the GEP management team. See:

David Gunn, Member, Global Equity Partners, LTD, oversees the Real Property Portfolio development from project selection through closing. He will oversee ongoing project management in the case of developing wind farms with ALIZEO wind turbines. He has spearheaded public hearing presentations to secure entitlements for some of the largest development projects in Florida. David provides in-depth experience in the areas of Real Estate Development, entitlements, contract negotiation.

Dick Varty, PE, Member, Global Equity Partners, LTD oversees the Renewable Energy & Construction Portfolio. Prior experience includes: Project Director for a 250 MW solar thermal project, construction of a major, 350 mile natural gas pipeline, construction of two-1100 MW combined-cycle natural gas power generating stations as well as Coal and Nuclear power plant construction projects. He recently developed innovative methods for contracting major equipment supply and services for all engineering and construction contracts at FPL. As President of the former General Electric Environmental Services Division he restructured the compa

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